Length (mm) 12000
Width (mm) 2550
Height (mm) 3800
Wheelbase (mm) 6100
Max Seating Capacity 49+1(Driver)
Option Up to 53 seater+1(Driver)


Model ECE Certified WEICHAI Euro 6 WP10H Diesel Engine
Type 6 cylinders, 9.5 litres. 6 inline, 4 stroke, water cooling, direct injection, turbocharged with intercooler, diesel engine
Displacement (cc) 9.5L
Engine Cooling System Driven by Parker hydraulic system
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 400L Aluminium Fuel Tank
Battery 12V 195AH x 2
Alternator 150 amp


Transmission ZF Fully Auto Transmission with Retarder
Clutch N/A
Steering ZF Power Steering Gear, Adjustable Column For Height & Rack
Axle Front Independent Front Axle, 2 Air Bellows
Rear Rigid Beam Rear Axle, 4 Air Bellows
Tyre/Rim Front, Single Polished Aluminium Wheels 295/80R 22.5
Rear, Dual Polished Aluminium Wheels 295/80R 22.5
Suspension Front Air Suspension
Rear Air Suspension
Brake System Front Disc (German Brand: Knorr-Bremse)
Rear Drum (German Brand: Knorr-Bremse)


Body Structure Advanced Monocoque Body Structural Framework
Body Structural Material Australian ADR Standard Sherardize Steel Hollow Sections
Door Front Aluminium, Out-Swing
Middle Optional (Aluminium, Out-Swing)
Glass Front Laminated Glass
Rear Tempered Proof Toughened Glass, Dark Tint
Side Tempered Proof Toughened Glass, Grey
Luggage Compartment Left Pneumatic Parallel Up-Swing Door
Right Pneumatic Parallel Up-Swing Door
Size Approximately 12,200L Or 12.2 m3
Overhead Luggage Rack Standard
Seats Driver European SEGE Premium Air Suspension Driver Seat
Passenger European SEGE Passenger Seat


Air Conditioner DENSO
Entertainment System 2 x 19″ Flip Type LCD TV & DVD With PA System (c/w 3 years warranty)
Monitor System Reverse Camera & 7″ Colour Display Monitor
Electrical System Thoreb control unit with CAN system
Leveling System ECAS
Sunshade Electric Front Windscreen Sun Visor
Floor Imported Anti-Slip & High Abrasion Resistant Vinyl Rubber Flooring with “Diamond” Chips


The HOLA 100 is a 12m long luxurious excursion coach, with ECE certified WEICHAI Euro VI WP10H diesel engine.  HOLA 100 is built using fully monocoque construction with Australian sherardised steel body structural frame guarantee to last through its operation lifespan. From the exterior to the interior, you will find the whole bus built using modern light weight yet highly reliable composite material to meet our engineers weight reduction targets. This helps improve vehicle performance as the light weight lowers fuel consumption. The HOLA 100 is ideal for inbound and outbound tour services, operators are given a wide range of engineering innovation options to customize this coach to benefit their operation needs and to provide highly differentiated passenger experience for the end users.

Operation Benefits

– 5 year warranty to the steel body structural frame
– 5 year warranty to the composite floor board(Our composite floor board better ensures insect free, oderless, clean and reliable coach interior environment, and it is design for long lasting floor board lifespan)
– 5 year warranty to the HOLA 100 AC system
– 7 year warranty to the HOLA 100 AC fan motors


– Engine Upgrade Options
– Transmission Options: depend on usage(City travel or Inter-city travel)
– Seating Layout Options: depend on operation needs(45, 49, 53 seats)
– Passenger Seats Upgrade Options
– Floor Mat, LED Lighting Options & many more

Make an appointment with our Bus Operation Fleet Management Advisor to explore how the HOLA buses can benefit your businesses.

Product Brochure

HOLA 100 Grand Tourer