Special Purpose Vehicle

Leveraging on the Engineering Know-How and Capabilities, LexBuild group of companies have propelled to fully capable of Design and Build Special Purpose Vehicles for Government Entities which formed part of the successful effort on their public service operations.

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Engineering Solution

We provides Design and Enhancement projects to clients.
Project Performed:

  1. Design and Retrofit PUB Forward Command Vehicle.
    • Design, integrate and retrofit commercial Van to Forward command Vehicle.
  2. Fabricate and integrate SCDF Bush Fire Truck.
    • Fabricate, integrate, testing and commission of the rear truck structure accordance with customer™s design.
  3. Design and Retrofit Tower Transit Forward Response Vehicle.
    • Design, integrate and retrofit commercial Van to Tower Transit Forward Response Vehicle.
  4. Design and Retrofit Prison Quick Response Vehicle.
  5. Conversion of Mini Bus to Ambulance for SCDF.
  6. Conversion of Transporter to Ambulance for SAF.
  7. Design, Fabricate and install of Wire Mesh for SCDF Vehicle.

Others Engineering Support

  1. Design, drawing and PE endorsement of special purpose vehicle.
  2. Conversion of Glazed Van to Semi / Full Panel Cargo Van.
  3. Retrofitting works of cargo van with storage shelving.
  4. Front Windscreen/Side Glass and Rear Windscreen Wire Mesh.