Trains – Engineering & Services

Since year 2002, LexBuild group of companies have been providing engineering solutions and services to both Overseas Train Manufacturers and Local Metro Line Transport Operators. These supports ranges from enhancing safety and aesthetic features, improving trains system operability, on-board system renewal; and Testing and Commissioning.

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Engineering Solution

We provides Design and Enhancement projects to clients.
Project Performed:

  1. Modify and Retrofit 7-seaters area of KHI C151R and Alstom C751A with Handrails.
    • Design and Retrofit for ridership enhancement.
    • 41 Trainsets for KHI C151A and 6 Trainsets for Alstom C751A.
  2. Modify and Retrofit C751A overhead handrail.
    • Design and Retrofit to enhance passenger™s safety.
    • Prototype Trial for 1 Car of Alstom C751A.
  3. 3rd Rail Detection System for KHI C151R, SIE C651, KSF C151A.
    • Design and Integrate of electrical compartment box, junction box, installation of sensors and wiring, testing and commissioning.
    • Total 5 Trainsets of 3 models of Trains
  4. Design and Build Life Size Mock Up Train Car for Ng Teng Fong Hospital Mobility Pack.
    • Design and Build Life Size Mock Up KSF C151A Train Car with close resemblance to actual train model.


We support Services to clients.
Services Performed:

  1. Mid-Life Upgrading Project for 66 Trainset of KHI C151 Trains.
    • Total renewal of trainsets saloon exterior and interior.
    • Design and supply components for the renewal.
  2. Floor Renewal Project for Bukit Panjang LRT.
    • Renewal works for BPLRT flooring.
  3. New Train Load Testing.
    • Provide calibrate weight and support testing of new train load testing and commission.
  4. Fresh Air Damper Renewal.
    • Renewal works for 30 Trainset of KHI C151R Fresh Air Damper.
  5. New Trains (C751A, C151A, C151AA, C151B) Delivery Inspection Support.
  6. Body Repair and Reconstruction.
    • Repair and reconstruction body structure of trainset with spray painting servicing.

Others Engineering Support

With years of working experience on trains together with Transport Operators and Train Manufacturer, LexBuild group of companies are ready to take on any clients requests™ to provide our engineering and services support to enhance the trainset safety features, functionality and operability.
Projects supports are:

  1. Design and Fabricate train components storage stands.
  2. Design and Fabricate aircon ducting for trainset saloon.
  3. Design and Supply, Install Insulation System for Train Body.
  4. Undercarriage equipment and components renewal, replacement and relocation.