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Founded as a Bus and Coach bodybuilder, LexBuild group of companies understand the unique building blocks of Buses and Coaches. The years of collective experiences enabling us to be capable of providing numerous engineering solutions and services from Design and Build buses and coaches, Retrofitting buses and coaches with special capabilities, Renewal of the body and drivetrain system; and Structural Repair and Reconstruction.

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Engineering Solution

We provides Design and Enhancement projects to clients.
Project Performed:

  1. Design and Retrofit NKF Diabetes Prevention Bus.
    • Design, integrate and retrofit commercial omni-bus to mobile clinic.
  2. Design and Bus Prison Inmate Bus.
    • Design and Build Prison Inmate Transportation Bus with integrated CCTV and Lock Up Cell.
  3. Design and Retrofit NKF Kidney Health Education Bus.
    • Design, integrate and retrofit commercial Coach to Kidney Health Education Bus.
  4. Reinstatement of vintage 1960s bus.
    • Renewal and reinstate 50 years old city bus.


We support Services to clients.
Services Performed:

  1. Mid-Life Upgrading and Life Extension Project for over 800 City Buses.
    • Total renewal of interior/exterior of the buses.
    • Replacement and installation of drivetrain components and wiring.
  2. Reinstatement of vintage 1960s bus.
    • Renewal works for BPLRT flooring.
  3. Body Repair and Reconstruction.
    • Repair and reconstruction body structure with spray painting servicing.

Others Engineering Support

  1. Design, drawing and PE endorsement of buses.
  2. Retrofit Omni and Travel coaches with standees.
  3. Supply and install Driver and Coaches Seat