Chassis Parts

  • Absorber
  • Air Drier
  • Air Spring
  • Air Tank
  • Bush
  • Engine Mounting
  • Fuel System Hand Fuel Pump
  • Pulley for Air-Con

Brake Parts

  • Brake Adjustor
  • Brake Chamber
  • Brake Drum
  • Brake Master Pump & Altitude Pump
  • Brake System Valve & Pipe

Cooling Parts

  • Coolant Expension Tank
  • Cooling Accessory
  • Cooling Fan
  • Cooling System Angle Drive Shaft
  • Pulley for Cooling

Clutch & Steering Parts

  • Clutch Booster & Master Pump
  • Sachs Clutch Plate
  • Steering Ball Joint
  • Steering Oil Filter


Here at LexBuild group of companies, we supply all types of chassis parts including air filters, brake components, clutch kit, differential assembly, inter-cooler, radiator, fans, shaft, pulley and etc. Do sent us an inquiry with your brand, model, required part number and we will contact you back shortly.